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Gold Market Update
19 October 2016
Gold Touches Two-Week High as Dollar Weakens on Rate Speculation more

Gold Market Update
25 October 2016
Gold Sees Decent Gains On Bargain Buying, Short Covering more

Bloomberg Interview - Angus Murray

Precious Metals & Next 11 Emerging Markets

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Angus Murray - Oil and Gold

Oil and Gold

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Founded by Angus Murray in 1996 Castlestone Management Inc. is proudly celebrating 20 years in business. Over the past 20 years the company has built strong professional relationships with its financial intermediaries and counterparties. Evidenced through the relationships with its auditors and administrator who have been there since the beginning.

Castlestone Management, its directors and all of its employees would like to thank all of their professional relationships for their continued support. In addition, we remain committed to you, our clients, and thank you for your continued confidence and support. We look forward to sharing many years of continued success with you.

At Castlestone Management, we believe that the investment environment today is about products that are liquid, easy to understand, completely transparent, unleveraged and, most importantly, only hold liquid instruments. It is about determining the correct asset class and being able to generate sustained growth over a long period.

Aliquot Gold Bullion Inc. has been trading since 2003 and aims to offer investors 100% investment exposure (unleveraged) to physical gold bullion. Gold has historically shown to be an ‘insurance’ when added to a diversified portfolio, acting as a safe-haven asset in times of economic and geopolitical turmoil such as in 2008.

The Equity High Yield and Emerging Markets Equity High Yield funds have portfolios that consist of listed, exchange-traded equities and targets semi-monopolistic stocks with inelastic demand, solid balance sheets, quality fundamentals and high dividend yields. The Funds aim to enhance returns by writing covered calls against the underlying equities. This strategy, combined with buying stocks in consumer staple industries that provide above average dividend yield, help the funds to outperform in a sideways or downward moving market.

29 March 2016
In the news: "Defensive strategies for a changing economic landscape"

“The month of February proved to be a turning point for global equity markets. If there was a time to be investing in income focused strategies, we think now is that time.”

29 February 2016
In the news: "Predictable Income over Unpredictable Returns"

“Castlestone Management believes that a buy-write strategy focusing on blue chip, developed market, dividend paying stocks should be the main focus within any portfolio. This strategy should help to provide stable and predictable income over the uncertainty of market returns in increasingly volatile times.”

1 October 2015
In the news: "Q3 2015, a turning point for what's next"

“The third quarter of 2015 will be seen as a turning point in what has been one of the most volatile and downright challenging quarters since the global financial crisis of 2008. The question is, will this turning point provide the global economy the chance to regroup and continue on its upward trajectory, or will it falter and continue on its current path of increased volatility and lower equity prices? The investment team at Castlestone Management think somewhere in-between.”

17 August 2015
"Castlestone launches EM equity high yield and premium income fund"

22 May 2015
"Emerging Markets and Sell in April and go away?"

22 April 2015
"European Equity Markets Outperform In 2015"

17 March 2015
"The long term opportunities of gold"

16 March 2015
"Predictable Income over Unpredictable Returns"

28 January 2015
"Castlestone Buy-Write Strategy"

21 January 2015
"A look at 2015 in the Eurozone"

10 November 2014
"Castlestone Management View Point Advertorial"

10 September 2014
"Predictable Income vs. Unpredictable Returns"

5 June 2014
"Castlestone increases gold fund dealing frequency"

24 April 2014
"Castlestone Management opens Platinum Group Metals Fund adding Palladium and Rhodium"

17 March 2014
"Castlestone returns with equity and high yield proposition"

30 September 2013
“Following the conclusion of the examination by Grant Thornton and the review by the Commission, the Commission has revoked the Amended Directive and no enforcement action has been taken against the Licencee or the Funds.” For further information please visit our Press Centre page or go to Castlestone Management Regulatory Update