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Castlestone Management supports you, the Financial Intermediary, as you grow your businesses. We provide products and services that allow your clients to feel confident with their investments and the decisions you have helped them make.

We provide a range of marketing support services to our Financial Intermediaries, from regular performance and research updates, to educationally focused seminars, event promotion and conference participation.

If you are interested in becoming a signed Financial Intermediary with Castlestone Management please Contact Us.

There are two ways for Financial Intermediaries to access the Castlestone Management range of funds:

  • Directly – the fund range is available directly with the management company providing a simple and efficient way of accessing our funds
  • Via Platforms – the fund range is available through a variety of fund platforms providing you and your clients with flexibility and ease of access to our funds
Direct access

Before you or your client completes the application/subscription form, please ensure you read the respective Offering Memorandum (OM).

Emerging Markets (Equities)
Emerging Markets Minimum Volatility Income Fund Subscription Docs
Class Consolidated
Via Platforms

The range of Castlestone Management funds is available through leading fund supermarkets, life insurance companies and wrap providers.

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