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Monthly Commentary - January 2019

It has been one heck of a month as global “everything” increased in value. It has been a risk on environment after the tumultuous fourth quarter of 2018 as investors pilled into developed equities, emerging market equities, emerging market debt, fixed income and commodities over January.

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Monthly Commentary - December 2018

Global equity markets were under pressure over the final month of 2018. Numerous unresolved macro concerns; US-China trade war, US Government shut down, a slowdown in Chinese growth, uncertainty over the UK and Brexit, Italian budget issues as well as a tightening Federal Reserve all combined to see global stock markets fall in value over December.

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Monthly Commentary - November 2018

The global market sell-off that began in October continued into November. Despite the poor performance across global equity markets, they did find a floor towards the end of November and rebounded into month end. Concerns over the health of the global economy are being exacerbated by the world’s two largest economic powers, the United States and China, remaining stuck in a tricky trade war. Both issues continue to weigh on markets.

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Monthly Commentary - October 2018

There was no place to take refuge from the October market turbulence as both global equities and bond markets fell in value. October has traditionally always been a month in the year where investors take stock, looking towards year-end performance numbers, but most could not have predicted the jump in volatility and sharp sell off in risk assets that unfolded.

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Monthly Commentary - May 2018

It was a mixed picture for global markets over the month of May as talks of trade wars and European unrest gained traction. As well we continue to believe that higher US interest rates will inevitably push down bond prices increasing bond yields while also supporting US and global equity markets.

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Monthly Commentary - April 2018

Global equity markets rebounded from their February and March lows during April but US stock market performance was held back by a stronger dollar and the potential for rising interest rates.

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Monthly Commentary - March 2018

The month of March saw global equity markets fall in value as an increase in volatility saw investors shed equities in favour of safe haven assets. With potential trade wars looming, equity markets continued their volatile pattern over the month.

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Monthly Commentary - February 2018

The month of February will be remembered for the sharp rise in volatility and the global equity sell off which engulfed markets over the first week of the

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Monthly Commentary - January 2018

Global equity markets started off the month of January on an exceptionally strong footing. Equities continued their upward march as fixed income markets

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Monthly Commentary - December 2017

The month of December capped off a year that at the start, had a very different outlook.

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