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24 July 2015
• Signs of wage growth mean the central bank is moving closer to an interest rate hike in... more

Gold Market Update
08 July 2015
Gold Rebounds From 16-Week Low as Dollar Declines more

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Precious Metals & Next 11 Emerging Markets

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Angus Murray - Oil and Gold

Oil and Gold

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Castlestone Management provides investment management services based on foresight, appropriateness and with the intention of meeting the long term investment objective of its investors.

We aim to deliver funds that are liquid, completely transparent, do not use any leverage and, most importantly, only hold liquid instruments.

By concentrating on financial intermediaries and their clients we can focus without compromise on capital preservation and the power of cumulative returns. This philosophy enables us to look ahead and identify those assets that could become real opportunities in the future.

Our professional relationships are built on trust and proven capability. We work with intermediaries long term, helping them to develop a sound reputation both among their clients and the wider investment community.

22 May 2015
In the news: "Emerging Markets and Sell in April and go away?"

“Equity markets are beginning to recover from their April correction with Europe and United States stock markets increasing over May. Historically most market corrections take place from May through to October, while most market upward trends take place during November through to April. Hence the famous market saying, “sell in May and go away”. This year however, May came a little early.”

22 April 2015
In the news: "European Equity Markets Outperform In 2015"

“The difference in performance between American and European equity markets has been truly divergent over 2015. 2014 was the year that American Equity markets markedly outperformed their European counterparts, but so far in 2015, it’s been all about Europe.”

17 March 2015
In the news: "The long term opportunities of gold"

“There are four main factors that affect the price of gold. The USD, global interest rates, supply & demand fundamentals and risk sentiment. So far in 2015, all four have simultaneously pushed gold prices lower.”

16 March 2015
In the news: "Predictable Income over Unpredictable Returns"

“Castlestone believes that demand for predictable income in the form investing in large cap, defensive, blue chip, dividend paying stocks should be the focus of every investor as interest rates fall and currency values plummet. Castlestone Management believes that their Equity High Yield & Premium Income Funds a sound investment opportunity that fits the current investment climate.”

28 January 2015
In the news: "Castlestone Buy-Write Strategy"

“Castlestone’s Equity High Yield & Premium Income Fund strategy focuses on low volatility, defensive stocks that pay high dividends and this has proved to be successful since launch. Castlestone Management launched its equity buy-write strategy in December 2013 which, since inception, has achieved double digit returns.”

21 January 2015
"A look at 2015 in the Eurozone"

10 November 2014
"Castlestone Management View Point Advertorial"

10 September 2014
"Predictable Income vs. Unpredictable Returns"

5 June 2014
"Castlestone increases gold fund dealing frequency"

24 April 2014
"Castlestone Management opens Platinum Group Metals Fund adding Palladium and Rhodium"

17 March 2014
"Castlestone returns with equity and high yield proposition"

30 September 2013
“Following the conclusion of the examination by Grant Thornton and the review by the Commission, the Commission has revoked the Amended Directive and no enforcement action has been taken against the Licencee or the Funds.” For further information please visit our Press Centre page or go to
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