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20 February 2015
• European Stocks Extend 2007 High on Greek Agreement; HSBC Falls. • German Business Confidence... more

N-11 Market Update
16 May 2014
• A sense of political stability has helped push the Rupiah to its highest level since March. •... more

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Precious Metals & Next 11 Emerging Markets

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Oil and Gold

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Castlestone Management provides investment management services based on foresight, appropriateness and with the intention of meeting the long term investment objective of its investors.

We aim to deliver funds that are liquid, completely transparent, do not use any leverage and, most importantly, only hold liquid instruments.

By concentrating on financial intermediaries and their clients we can focus without compromise on capital preservation and the power of cumulative returns. This philosophy enables us to look ahead and identify those assets that could become real opportunities in the future.

Our professional relationships are built on trust and proven capability. We work with intermediaries long term, helping them to develop a sound reputation both among their clients and the wider investment community.

5 June 2014
In the news: "Castlestone increases gold fund dealing frequency"

"Castlestone Management is to increase the dealing frequency of its Aliquot Gold Bullion Income fund from weekly to daily. The British Virgin Islands-based asset manager said it made the change because of a renewed interest in gold after a price slump last year. Castlestone said many investors see gold as a “safe haven asset” in times of political turmoil, citing the tension between Russia and Ukraine."

24 April 2014

In the news: "Castlestone Management opens Platinum Group Metals Fund adding Palladium and Rhodium"

"Castlestone Management has always believed in the long term fundamentals of owning real assets. As such, the Aliquot Gold Bullion fund was one of the first to offer investors direct exposure to physical gold back in 2003. Following on with the success of the gold fund, Castlestone launched Aliquot Precious Metals, weighted between physical gold, silver and platinum. At the end of 2013 we further diversified the range of precious and platinum group metals, launching a separate share class that adds palladium and rhodium to its holdings."

17 March 2014

In the news: "Castlestone returns with equity and high yield proposition"

International Adviser recently wrote about the Equity High Yield & Premium Income Fund launch. The article cites Angus Murray, CEO and founder of Castlestone Management, who expressed the view that “in the long run, over a 20-year period, developed world equity markets will be flat. However, we have already proven that managing assets under this buy/write strategy, as I have been doing within my own single family office [Cupcake Partners], is very successful and has provided consistent returns from the high dividend yields generated from the stocks and premium income. The Equity High Yield & Premium Income Fund allows investors to participate in this strategy and allows them to benefit from the high dividend yield and premium income that many semi-monopolistic, stable, large capitalization companies offer today.”

30 September 2013

“Following the conclusion of the examination by Grant Thornton and the review by the Commission, the Commission has revoked the Amended Directive and no enforcement action has been taken against the Licencee or the Funds.” For further information please visit our Press Centre page or go to
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